Becoming a Team Leader
The goal for most of our team members is to become a Team Leader.  This is what we call someone who runs a market for us.  Currently we have five team leaders – one in Birmingham, Nashville, Chattanooga, Little Rock, and Denver/Ft. Collins.
To become a Team Leader you must move to another city.  We’ve laid out a plan that will take 18-24 months to get you to the point where you can run a market for us.  We’ve had one person do it in as little as 14 months.  When you are ready, we will be ready to send you.
What does being a Team Leader mean for the person going to do it?
  • You will get a chance to be an entrepreneur and run a business without some of the downside risk.  You get to learn on our dime.
  • This will be an awesome opportunity for you to have real-world leadership experience where you must learn how to grow a company, manage cash flow, manage people and be responsible for the success of that organization.
  • You will have the freedom to make decisions that are in the best interest of the company, with very little oversight from the corporate office.
  • You will make a lot more money.
So how do you get there?
There are two paths to becoming a Team Leader.  One through the Operations of the business and one through the Accounting/Finance side of the business.  Let’s take a look at both.
Operations Path:
This is our most traditional way to get to become a Team Leader.  Over the course of the 18-24 months of training, we will expose you to all 5 facets of our business and have a chance to run three of them.  The 5 facets are leasing, property management, owner/tenant communication, accounting and marketing/sales.  The last two will only be a working knowledge of how things work.  You will not operate the last 2 positions.
Check out this video for more on the Operations Path:

Accounting/Finance Path:

This has been our most surprising side of the business and one we didn’t plan on.  This person will begin as the Accounting Manager.  They will be responsible for running all parts of the accounting processes.  The accounting onboarding takes 2-3 months.  Once you are an accounting ninja, your focus will switch to process improvement to make our business more scale-able.  Many of the processes you will be responsible for will be “beneath” your skill level.  That is a good thing, because that is when you will get creative figuring out ways to improve the processes.

Once you’ve worked in accounting/finance for a year, we will expose you to some of the operations; including running some of the roles.  This will last about 6 months to a year.

For more on the Accounting and Finance path, watch this short video with Mat Cox:

25K Club:

Becoming a Team Leader at gkhouses is not all about learning the tasks it takes to run this business.  Those are pretty easy and can be taught in a couple of years.  The most important piece to becoming a Team Leader is your ability to LEAD.

That is why you will participate in a weekly training program we call, “25K Club”.  It is named after our ultimate goal – to manage 25,000 occupied homes.  To get there, we don’t need one leader, but a whole bunch of them.

At 25K you will walk through real-world challenges the company is dealing with and help us make big, long lasting decisions.  Additionally, we read a leadership book and discuss it, chapter by chapter, at every meeting.

We’ve learned that how well you can manage a property stops at some point and how well you manage people is the difference that helps us grow each market to the next level.  We want to teach you how to lead people.

Ultimately I tell all our team members, I want you to shoot out the top of this business (i.e. outgrow us) and go on to start your own business, not for profit or we even have one guy who wants to be a U.S. Senator.  No matter what you want, spending a number of years with us will help you get there.

Where will you go?:


We’ve identified 30+ markets where we would like to be located.  You can see the map below.  We won’t send you anywhere you don’t want to go.  We think happiness and organizational health are more important to our success.

So where does that leave you?

Working with us is a definite risk.  We have a fast-growing business that requires a ton of time and effort on our team members to keep us moving along.  It doesn’t have the predictability of a big corporate job.

But, if you are looking for somewhere that your opinion matters; somewhere where you will have a ton of opportunity to have input and actually makes some big decisions, then gkhouses is a place for you.