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Accounting Manager – Future Team Leader

Are you tired of simply counting the money and reporting the information to the decision makers? Do you want to be a decision maker at a company and help it scale? Are you an entrepreneur that happens to be a CPA or have a Finance degree? Are you an accountant, who hates accounting?, Birmingham’s largest and fastest growing property management company, is looking for an Accounting Manager with the goal of being a future Team Leader who will run a market for us one day. While working on our accounting functions and training to go run another market, this position will be an integral piece to pouring gas on our current growth in Birmingham, Nashville and Chattanooga; and will help us open operations in different cities.

We need someone that thinks both analytically and strategically, is confident (but not arrogant) and has a deep understanding of the creation of accounting and reporting systems and processes.

If this describes you, then we need you on our team.

None of our accounting systems are rocket science, so I won’t go into explaining them. We just need the right team member with an accounting background.


We’ve found that our accounting department is a great way to train the future leaders of gkhouses to go run other markets.

Who else understands the KPI’s, ROI’s, P&L’s and the PDQ’s?

Apply now through LinkedIn!

Here’s a short video with Curren Melgarejo who is currently in this position and moving along the path to Team Leader.


Operations Coordinator – Future Team Leader (Chattanooga)

Are you interested in owning your own business one day? Are you an entrepreneur just waiting on the right opportunity to set your sails?

If this describes you, we want to talk to you. . . first!

Who are we?, Chattanooga’s largest and fastest growing single-family property management company and we are looking for a future Team Leader who will be an integral piece to pouring gas on our current growth by helping us open operations in different cities across the U.S.

You see we aren’t micromanagers, so we expect you to come in and use your Entrepreneurial Spirit to make decisions about your own market when you run it one day.

What does that look like? Our goal would be that you come to work here with our office in Birmingham, train for two years, and (when ready) set off to foreign lands to implement our kick butt systems and lead a team of like-minded people in “the gk way.”

Wouldn’t it be cool to work in an environment with a bunch of other entrepreneurs?

So if you are driven, ain’t a chicken and want to learn what it is going to take to run your own business one day, apply to come work with us.

Also, check out this short video with Duncan Murphy to find out more of the details.